Influencer Intelligence

Data-driven influencer marketing

Impact brand metrics with an influencer strategy based on data

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An influencer campaign based on data and interests of your target group, instead of gut-feel and a creator's perspective, maximises impact.

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Audience perspective

Thanks to data, we can let go of the creator perspective. In doing so, we create a campaign that your target group actually wants to see, on platforms they actually use.

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Data-driven influencer marketing has no conflicting interests, because we can independently choose the right influencers and we aren’t biased by sales targets.

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Measurable impact

Get insight into the impact of your campaign on (long term) brand metrics through Brand Effect Measurements and an in-depth analysis into platform metrics.

 What we offer 


A flaw within traditional influencer marketing occurs at the start; selecting the right influencers. Creators are often chosen based on just their average reach, amount of followers or personal preference. It’s not uncommon that a batch of recommended influencers aren’t the best fit for a brand, but they’re all coincidentally managed by the same agency.

We solve this problem with ‘Influencer Discovery’: our in-house data method to select the right influencers. Based on data, not gut-feel.

An in-depth audience scan, which maps out the interests of your target group.

Influencer selection based on a popularity score, brand match score and a cost index.

If you choose data-driven influencer marketing, you always start with Influencer Discovery. After that, you can choose one of our two packages.

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 Our packages 

A) Influencer Campaign


Want to impact platform metrics (views, watch time, engagement) or brand metrics (brand awareness or conversion) in the short-term? Then an ‘Influencer Campaign’ is the way-to-go! After we’ve selected the right influencers, we take care of all the worries.

Audience scan

Influencer discovery

Concept creation

Campaign management and handling

Executing paid and organic distribution
✓ In-depth reporting on impact campaign

B) Influencer Strategy


Want to impact long-term brand metrics (brand love, perception, consideration) and create durable ambassadors for your brand in the long run? Then an ‘Influencer Strategy’ is essential! With an ‘Influencer Strategy’  you lay the foundation to not only generate a lot of reach, watch time and subscribers but also to positively impact your target group’s perception.

In-depth audience research

Influencer discovery

Market research 

Format creation

Distribution strategy (organic and paid)

Campaign management and handling

Content production or co-production

Executing paid and organic distribution

 In-depth reporting on impact campaign

Brand Effect Measurement 

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As a YouTube-first Agency (but not YouTube-only) we help brands, publishers and advertisers to reach audiences and build communities on YouTube and beyond. We do this as a full-service agency and strategic partner. For national and international clients, such as Hyundai, Samsung, Prime Video, Unilever, GAMMA and more! How?

We offer YouTube strategies based on data insights to new as well as already-established YouTube channels. We create YouTube advertising campaigns that generate quality attention with the right target audience. Our in-house Creative Studio produces video content optimised for the YouTube algorithm and your target audience. We can quantify the impact this YouTube-optimised content has on key brand KPIs through analytics and measurement.

By combining our years of experience with data and insights usage, we know exactly what works on YouTube and what doesn't. As a team, we're creating successful YouTube channels for the smart brands of tomorrow.